Wednesday, July 11, 2012


WoozWeb Weekly Eventz Schedule

1. Kalie785 Woozworld Next Top Model 5 Pm WT

2. Kalie785 Woozworld Win Wooz 3 Pm WT

3. Kalie785 Fan Show 9 Pm WT

4. Kalie785 Fan Photo Booth 1 Pm WT 

5. Kalie785 Fan/Friends Quiz About My WoozWeb Website 11 Pm WT

 Woozworld Next Top Model

  Him a written song by Im4wafflez powered by Woozworld                                                                   

Hey guys today i well tell you
how to create your own style!
First: Make your own style color!
Second: Try making your own outfit like Myawooz "Mya's style watch"
 After that you can show your style of! Hope that helped (: . 
Love- Bridget37

Hi! WoozWeb viewers! Today i'm gonna tell you how it feels to get bullied and to help well if someone is calling you mean names then report them or if reporting doesn't work then contact WW INC and tell them your getting bullied everyday on WW then you can tell them the woozen who is bullying you and they might ban them for, forever or 95 hours hope that helped!

Hey everyone! Happy 4th Of July! Hope you all enjoyed the fireworks and had a great 4th Of July celebration! 
Xoxox -Kalie785

Hola people! What's up today were gonna talk about... Wait for it!!!!!!!!!! How to win free WOOZ!!!!!!! I'm very happy to tell you! LOL so first you can use a "Game Card" for free wooz and it sometimes free or 1 dollar xD so that's the first way the second way is.... Go to lat's game show! And you can win up to 20000 Wooz! I hope you got Wooz by doing those idea's LOl
-xxxx Imsesyurugly101

Sup everyone today we well be talking about how to do a real trade so you cant get scammed! Well first you want to tell the woozen before the trade what you want and the amount of the wooz you well put if they say: "Okay" then click the trade tool on the woozen and enter the wooz/beex you were suppose to put and if they have the Items that you want make sure you confirm almost at the same time or exact at the same time hope this advice worked for you guys.

Hey everyone!! i'm doing a "Best Moive Of The Week" contest who ever wins gets the prize of free Vip boy/girl clothes! Do your best
-X Kalie785

Hey Guys we've got a "Movie OF The Week" Winner!!!!! They all did awesome so i let them win plus a new person is in there so i let them win but the movie was great! So congratz.  -Kalie785

Omg! LOL My fav show is on its "Think you can dance" I really love that show and i know how to dance xD when i get a lil older i wanna be on that show.

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